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Set furtune motor implantologie

Producator: Carlo de Giorgi, Italia
Cod produs: 575/43
Pret: 789 RON (TVA inclus)
Steril Hose set endowed with fit device to pierce the cork of the bottles, 
Trasparent room for dripping in plastic materials, hole of exit of the air, clamp for flow control, connection and hose for peristaltic  pumps integrated
The DE GIORGI's irrigation system foresees the following options: 
- Mono-irrigation inside 
- Mono-irrigation external
- Dual irrigation inside and external
The Hose set are contained in steril package to guarantee the sterility in the time and manufactured in boxes by 10 pieces. 
The product is Latex-Free
* Device for perforation covers bottles
* Chamber of dripping
* Hole for exit air
* Clamp for flow control
* Connection and hose for peristaltic pump


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